A Message from Jonathan and Adam – Your Great Lakes Board

Greetings and salutations Great Lakes Chapter members! I hope the Summer has been eventful and enjoyable for everyone so far. We are excited to announce the release of our redesigned site www.greatlakesieca.org. We hope that you find this site easier to navigate. We are striving to make this a great resource on a State by State level for the resources that you may find helpful.  How can you help? Review the site and take a moment to help us develop the resources page with additional links that you think we should include that perhaps you personally find help. Please comments and send links to info@greatlakesieca.org.

The Chapter continues to have great training events lined up, so please visit our webpage at www.greatlakesieca.org to view the schedules and dates.   Remember to check the webpage periodically so you do not miss out on any of our outstanding training opportunities.  Our next upcoming event is the Erosion Control Technical Seminar on August 8, 2018, 7:30 a.m. – 11:30 a.m.
at NIU Hoffman Estates Conference Center. Click here for more details.

Don’t forget to Save the Date for the 2019 IECA Annual Conference!
The 2019 event will feature unique learning formats – from fireside chats, roundtable sessions, workshops, regional training, 20-minute sessions and more! Networking – attendees have many opportunities to share ideas, collaborate with though leaders and network with peers. Product and technology training – the Expo Hall features the industry’s latest products, services and technology to help you perform your job better and we’ll have sessions and demonstrations showcasing how these products really work.

I want to continue to  re-iterate that IECA and our Chapter are striving to provide the best services for our members.  We continue look to provide new local opportunities throughout the Chapter for all members to participate in.  These opportunities may include but are not limited to lunch-and-learns and after hour socials with other local members and State Representatives. Please let  any of our Officers know if you are interested in helping us with implementing this in your area, or if you have any ideas or recommendation son how we can make this happen.

We are looking  forward to a great remainder of 2018!

PS:  Voting for IECA Region 1 BoD will begin in August so be on the lookout and please support Adam Dibble as he is up for re-election.

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